gfsqlite   gfsqlite

A simple SQL-Shell for SQLite in Python.

gfsqlite depends on pysqlite and gfsql






  1. First of all: you'll need Python (version 2.2 or later), Tkinter and Tix.

  2. Install the Database-API pysqlite (version 0.5 or later). May be you must download the SQLite-source code from the SQLite-webpage for the proper installation of pysqlite, see the pysqlite-documentation for details.
    Note: Without the Installation of pysqlite gfsqlite will not work! And one more
    Note: Python 2.5 users under windows may have pysqlite, so you won't install pysqlite! Try import sqlite3 in the Python Shell!

  3. Unzip (Windows) or gfsqlite.tar.gz (Linux) in a subdirectory

  4. Call gfsqlite.pyw in the gfsqlite-subdirectory

Installation of the Standalone-Version

With the PyInstaller you may create executables from Python-source. The standalone-version is a gfsqlite executable for windows only, created by the PyInstaller.

  1. Download the standalone-version (depending on your SQLite-version!)

  2. Unzip the file (or in a subdirectory

  3. Call gfsqlite.exe in the gfsqlite-subdirectory

Note: you won't need python or pysqlite for the standalone-version of gfsqlite.


:-) W. Spiegel